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To all the people that contribute to positive change within their communities, we thank you.

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What We Do

Strengthen Hands Educational Resources empowers children to thrive. We offer a unique blend of services and resources for families, educators, and those working to support families and children. Our offerings include interactive workshops, engaging book readings, informative parenting courses, and resources that foster resilience. Our children's books, paired with our handcrafted crochets, support children in making tangible the message found in our co-authored children’s books long after the story ends. Strengthen Hands, strengthens communities.


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Interactive Book Readings

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Cameile Henry, MA | CEO & Co-Founder


Co-Author - Canadian Branch

Cameile Henry is a professor of Early Childhood Education (ECE) at the Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning in Ontario, Canada.

As an early childhood educator and foster parent, she has over twenty-five years of facilitating learning environments and opportunities for children from infancy to twelve years of age.

She also serves as an education and family consultant in the topics of race, interpersonal communication, and resilience in young children. Cameile enjoys performing puppet plays that enhance children’s social-emotional development and encourage empowerment.

George Ashley, Ph. D. | Co-Founder


Co-Author - United States Branch

George Ashley, PhD, currently serves as a professor of social work at Eastern Kentucky University, in Richmond, Kentucky, United States. He has over thirty years of extensive experience in social work practice with children K-12.

Dr. Ashley is a consultant, workshop facilitator, and small-group coach for Anti-Racism, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (ADEI) education. He has authored numerous articles both in scholarly journals and popular magazines and served as a co-editor in several books.

When he is not teaching, he likes telling children stories and facilitating educational programs to inspire children to achieve their best.

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“We hope you enjoy reading our books as much as we enjoy creating them for you.”

- Professor Cameile Henry & Dr. George Ashley

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